The most common reasons for lag when gaming online are:

  • Connected by Wi-Fi:  When gaming online, it's highly recommended to be connected with an ethernet cable to ensure a stable connection.
  • Inadequate bandwidth: If there are other users in your household streaming content simultaneously, your internet connection will struggle to keep up with the demand. Lag causes your connection to drop and causes a rise in ping times.
  • The use of a 4G mobile signal: This type of connection is shared with other users in the area where you live. Therefore, depending on their usage and network congestion, your speeds and pings will fluctuate. This type of service can be also impacted by other issues like geographical location.
  • Internet speed: A stable internet connection with both a good upload and download speed is required for playing games on online platforms. A low ping is also imperative to a lag-free game. Test your internet speed now and find out what your internet can handle.
  • Server issues: It is possible that the server that is hosting your game is having issues. Unfortunately, this cannot be helped. It's best to close the game and hope to rejoin on another server.