There are a number of variables that can affect the speed of the internet.  

  • If you are connected via Wi-Fi, it could be down to the Wi-Fi signal quality at that point in time.
  • If you have any processes running on that device during the speed test. For example, any apps being updated or information being downloaded/uploaded will impact the results.
  • Any other users that are connected to the internet within your household who are currently using the bandwidth allocated to your connection will impact the results.
  • Please note different devices have varying Wi-Fi card specs. This means that their capabilities are different and can cause inconsistent speed test results when run on multiple devices.
  • Our broadband speed test requires your location to select a server nearest you to measure the speeds and ping time. If you are testing on another site and that chooses a different server, the results may also differ. 
  • Network contention or congestion during peak times on the providers' network.