If you live in a large home and find your Wi-Fi signal is getting weaker in other rooms of the house, there are ways to improve the signal's reach.

  • Try changing the wireless channels on your Wi-Fi router
  • Make sure the router is well-positioned and nothing is covering or blocking it
  • If the router cannot be moved, you can purchase the following hardware to help extend the signal

Wireless extender: This is the cheapest option. Simply plug it in where the signal weakens and it helps repeat the Wi-Fi signal.

Power line adapters: This mid-range priced option usually comes in pairs. One plugs into your modem via an Ethernet cable and then plugs into the wall. The other plugs into the room where there is little to no Wi-Fi signal. We recommend using power line adapters over extenders because they successfully reduce interference.

Wireless Mesh Network: This is the most expensive option, but the best at ensuring a strong signal throughout the house. This is achieved by a series of nodes distributed around the house with the main node connected to the modem/router.