There are numerous causes for high ping on your network connection. Some of the main causes are:

1. Internet service provider: The quality of the internet your provider is providing may not be up to the task, or the package you are subscribed to is inadequate for the number of devices within the household. We would recommend contacting your internet service provider if your true speed throughput is poor after running a speed test directly connected to your router.

2. Inadequate bandwidth: The connection you have cannot support the demand. You may be suffering from slower speeds due to the multiple devices connected. We would recommend disconnecting any devices that are not needed and to stop any downloads or updates that are happening in the background. For gaming consoles, you should pause any downloads or updates until the evening as well as pausing any backups from OneDrive on your PC.

3. Type of internet connection:  If you are using a mobile connection such as a 3G or 4G router, ping times are known to spike and can cause ping time issues. 

4. Internal Connection: If you are connected via Wi-Fi, we advise users to connect via Ethernet cable as this offers the best service to your device. If your device is too far away from the router, try changing the router's position or change the Wi-Fi channel in case of interference. Otherwise, you can try purchasing power line adapters or Wi-Fi extenders to improve your connection.

5. Geographical Location: This is mainly for the gaming community. You need to figure out if you are on the correct server. For example, if you're from Europe, you should be on the European server, not the United States' servers such as NA East/West, etc. You must select the server of your region in the game's settings.

6. Firewall rules: For computer users, your anti-virus and firewall reviews every packet of data that is sent and received. Thus, taking more time than is needed. You can likely shave a few milliseconds off your ping times by whitelisting your games in your firewall's settings. Please be advised that this should be done as a last resort since you are reducing your PC's security.