We always recommend using an ethernet cable when running a speed test, as it's far superior to Wi-Fi and has fewer variables that can impact the speed. 

  • If your modem and router are combined, connect a cat5e cable from your computer directly to a Lan port, which is normally on the back of the modem/router combo. Disable your Wi-Fi and ensure that there are no other devices connected, or background programs running. Now you are ready to run a speed test.
  • If your modem and router are two units, unplug the router from the modem and connect your laptop directly to the modem. It's a good idea to take a photo of the set up beforehand so that you can easily revert back before unplugging the cable. Once you are plugged directly into your modem, you are ready to run the speed test.

Quick tips before running a speed test:

  • Connect via an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi
  • Reboot your router
  • Disconnect any other devices connected to the internet
  • Disable any background applications such as OneDrive
  • If you are connected via Wi-Fi, make sure you are as close to the router as possible
  • Make sure any other wireless devices are turned off. Items such as Google Chromecast, Wi-Fi printers, and Wi-Fi extenders can all affect your speed test results.