If your devices cannot pick up a 5GHz signal, it means that your router does not broadcast 5GHz, or the device you are using cannot receive 5GHz Wi-Fi. We would recommend having a router that broadcasts both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz. The distance between you and your wireless router will dictate which one you should connect to. We would advise connecting to 5GHz whenever possible.

As you can see in the image, the 5GHz signal is weaker. This is a result of the distance between the device and the router. In this case, the number of walls between the device and router is impacting the signal.

 Pros of 5Ghz

  • No interference from other devices
  • Less crowding from other networks
  • A higher maximum connection speed of 1.3Gbps

Cons of 5Ghz

  • Limited broadcasting range
  • Limited support by devices

Pros of 2.4GHz

  • Larger coverage area, and compared to 5GHz, is better at penetrating solid objects 

Cons of 2.4GHz

  • A lower data rate of 600Mbps. This can depend on the quality of the wireless router, so the speed may vary
  • More prone to interference from other wireless networks and devices that use this frequency