Follow the steps below to further troubleshoot and monitor your ping:

  • Open your command prompt (by typing cmd or command prompt into windows search) 
  • Once you have opened the command prompt application type ping into the black window and press enter 
  • The computer will then ping with 4 packets and you will then be presented with results of how long each packet took to reach its destination
  • The ping times are in yellow. These should roughly stay the same but may fluctuate depending on variables like connection faults or the amount of data being transferred over the connection.

If you wish to run a ping test with no limits you can do the exact same steps above except when you open the command prompt you type ping -t. This is known as a constant ping as it will not stop unless you tell it to. To stop it, just press Ctrl + c together. 

This method is used more for troubleshooting connections. It allows the home user to watch constant live results while they disconnect other devices in the house to see if they are impacting speeds. It can also be used to troubleshoot other factors.