There are two options to factory reset your router, a physical factory reset, and a reset through your router's GUI.

Some important notes before getting started. Before you factory reset your router, remember a reset is different from a reboot. A reboot is achieved by simply turning the device off/on via a switch or by unplugging it from the wall and then plugging it back in.

A reset, also known as a factory reset, will bring the router back to factory defaults. This means that if someone has changed settings on your router, they will be erased and the router will have the original wireless password and SSID (wireless name) from when it was purchased. This can kick any devices off the network if the wireless name or password has been changed.

*If you do not know the original wireless name or password sometimes these are written under the router on a white sticker.

Physical Factory reset

  1. For a physical factory reset, look behind your router for a small hole. Sometimes the word reset is written underneath the opening. 
  2. Once located, you will need to push in a paper clip or pin into the hole and hold for 15 seconds, and release.
  3. The router lights will then begin to flash when the router begins to factory reset.
  4. This process can take a couple of minutes, and once the lights turn solid, you should be able to reconnect your devices.

A reset through your routers GUI (Graphical user interface)

Step 1

You will need your router's IP address. This may be located under the router along with the username and password. If you are unable to locate it, follow these steps:

  1. Open your command prompt (You can do this by typing cmd into windows search and clicking on the command prompt application) 
  2. Once open, type ipconfig and press enter
  3. Look through the results and find your default gateway. This is your router's IP address

Step 2

Once you have located your router's IP address, open your web browser and put the IP address in the web address bar. This will bring you to a login screen where you will need to:

  1. Enter your username and password.  *You can find this underneath your router. If not, a quick google search "What is my router's username and password" along with the brand/model name should give you the info required.
  2. You need to go through the router interface and find one of these options Administration, Maintenance, or Utilities. These headings will vary depending on your router. Once you click on one of these you will need to find the subcategory called factory defaults or factory reset
  3. Click the factory reset option, the router will then go through its process of factory resetting.
  4. This process can take a couple of minutes and once the lights turn solid again you should be able to reconnect your devices.