Multi-player games that are played online require an open NAT type to operate correctly.  If you are playing on a restricted, or strict NAT type, you may encounter the following issues:

  • Inability to join online games
  • Inability to host online games
  • Unable to communicate with other players in-game or via the console party chat

Although NAT Type open looks like the best option, it can leave you open to security risks, so the optimal setting would be Moderate/Type 2.

NAT Type & Description
Completely Open. No firewall. DMZ/Demilitarized Zone.--Type A
Open. Allows the user to host games and play/chat with all other NAT Types.Type 1OpenType B
Moderate. Allows the user to play and chat with other players with the same NAT rating or better.Type 2ModerateType C
Restricted.  Users will only be able to play with others that have an open NAT. Party chats and matchmaking will be nearly impossible.Type 3StrictType D
Completely Restricted. Users will not be able to connect to any players or games.--Type E
Completely Restricted. Users will not be able to connect to any players or games.--Type F

Compatible NAT Connections


To Open

To Moderate

To Strict

From Open

From Moderate

From Strict