Malware is malicious software specifically designed to harm a computer, server, or network. It can be downloaded through applications and infect your device.

See our chart below for examples of different types of Malware and some of the damage they can cause.

Types of Malware

What it Does

Trojan Horse

Software or code that tricks a user into downloading it before revealing its true intent.
A stand-alone program that can clone itself to spread from one computer to another through the network without human interaction.

Computer Viruses

Viruses a designed to damage the target computer or device. Data can be corrupted or the device can be shut down completely. They can also be used to steal information.


Disables access to a user's data until a ransom amount is paid.


Gathers a user's activity data without knowledge or consent.
AdwareSoftware that displays unwanted ads or pop-ups on their device which are made difficult to close.


A deception software that manipulates the user into paying to fix problems that don't exist.
KeyloggersMonitors and logs user keyboard strokes, The data is then used to hack sensitive information like passwords.

Fileless Malware

Malicious software that uses legitimate or trusted scripts running on the operating system to infect the computer. Since there are no files installed or footprints left behind, it is difficult to detect.